Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week in Review: Love and the letter Mm

We had such a fun week! We talked a lot about love. Hopefully, over the next few weeks as we continue to do our love vase more and more will sink into Annabelle's heart.

Our week actually started out on Sunday afternoon. Annabelle and Asa both wanted something to do while Silas was sleeping and I was preparing for the week. I set them up with their easel and some paint and they went to work making their valentines.
Coming to check out Asa's picture.
Phase 2 of valentine making. Each heart got 3 stickers hand picked and peeled by the kids. :)
The finished product. I think that they turned out really cute!
Annabelle really enjoyed this pouring activity. She worked really hard with it for almost 20 minutes and was finally able to pour all the gems into the glasses without spilling any on the table.
Annabelle had a lot of fun with this activity because she got to use food again. Anything involving candy is usually a good activity in her opinion. She wrote all the numbers on seen on this completed sheet by herself (with the exception of the number 8). This Teddy Bear Measuring activity can be found at Musings of Me. I love this free unit.
Measuring and counting the biggest bear.
We ended our school day by decorating our windows for Valentine's Day. She totally posed for this picture, I just wish it had turned out better.
Well, this morning Annabelle started out a little crabby. I could not for the life of me understand why. Seriously, you're sorting M&Ms by color and then you get to eat them. What on earth could be wrong in her little world that overshadows chocolate is beyond me! She did get over her funk. Come to find out it was because she was wearing brown leggings and she didn't want her picture taken in her brown leggings.....heaven forbid. (rolling my eyes). All the M&M print outs seen in this post can be found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.
I made this little game out of valentines I bought last year for .10 cents on clearance. They were monster themed. I thought they would be a cute matching activity for the letter Mm. So I ripped them all apart, wrote the letter Mm on them, laminated them and then put one picture from each set in our awesome pocket chart. Annabelle then would pick a card from a pile and match it up to the correct picture in the pocket chart.
Finding a match.
I was slightly disappointed with this next activity. I drew with pink crayon on pink construction paper. I don't know if you can see the little designs on this picture or not. Then I watered down some white tempura paint which Annabelle would brush over the paper to reveal the hidden pictures.
I think that there are a couple things that could've made this a better activity. 1) I'm pretty sure that construction paper isn't the paper to use. It soaked up the water very quick and just left the paint (which covered the waxy crayon). 2) I should've drawn darker/harder with the crayon to make the pictures more waxy/water resistant. So next time I think I will draw with white crayon on fingerpaint paper and have them paint with a colored paint and see how that turns out.
The sensory bin was a HUGE hit. She really enjoyed playing in it and finding the little hidden objects on her cards that I made for her.
I've really been admiring all the little themed lunches that I've seen on various blogs. I was feeling a little creative/overly ambitious on Tuesday so I tried my hand at a valentine lunch. I think it turned out cute and the kids really did enjoy it. This might be something that I need to try more often. Heart shaped grilled cheese sandwhiches and strawberries, pretzel and cheese arrows, pink vanilla pudding, and they had chocolate milk to drink.
Annabelle and Asa started of the day with some cuddling and Word World.
She had fun with some more M&M activities (linked above). Again, she really liked using candy (and honestly, who wouldn't).
Enjoying her pattern building activity.
To end this day we made some valentine cupcakes for the class of kiddos I teach at church on Wednesday nights. I'm going to have to incorporate more cooking/baking fun into our school time. Annabelle and Asa both really, really enjoyed this.

This cute little Mm matching game I made is based on pretending to be a mail carrier. Annabelle would open the mailbox (Melissa and Doug via Craigslist) take out a piece of mail and match it to the correct recipients mailbox. All the recipients start with the letter Mm too! This was really fun for her.
Getting a letter..... don't mind the unders and the bare legs we're trying to get that little guy potty trained!
Delivering Mr. Monkey his mail.
We decorated the letter Mm for the alphabet wall.

It didn't turn out quite as cute as some of the other ones, but it works I suppose. They are supposed to be M&Ms. She would write the letter M on the paper and would then use her dot markers to put the 'candy shell' around the M.
The final activity for the day was playing with the chocolate playdoh. Here she is working at making perfect, tiny little balls for her chocolate box. I feel really sorry for the person who got that huge box with the tiniest little chocolates in it. :)
We didn't do a whole lot on Friday. I had a couple other activities planned that we didn't get around to. But, I was getting ready to leave at one for a nice overnight with my grandma, aunts, and cousins....hurray for mommy breaks! I really wanted to do this shaving cream activity because we haven't done it in a while. Plus as an added bonus it kept them busy while I was packing their clothes for their respective overnights with Grandpa and Miss Beth. I put in a couple drops of red food coloring to mix up the white shaving cream with so it would make pink. Annabelle declared that it was the prettiest shaving cream she had ever seen. lol
Showing me that it was indeed a pretty pink. I love my girly girl!

Well, that was it for our preschool week. Head on over to Preschool Corner to see what other kids are up to this week. Happy blogging!


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