Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tot School

This week I am going to be posting Preschool and Tot School in separate posts. I did this to shorten the posts, but I think I made them longer because I took more pictures knowing they were going in separate posts. lol Also, I'm going to be posting by days (Monday, Tuesday etc). Finally, I will post Asa first and Silas second. Hopefully this will make it at least quicker for me to upload pictures. Enjoy! :)

This was our first full week in our new school room and we REALLY enjoyed it. It is so nice to be able to close the door when we are finished and not have a huge mess of school materials throughout the house all day. Definitely helps in the area of housekeeping.

We finished up the letter Kk this week and did the letter Ll also. Here Asa is matching kites with their matching color tails. This can be found at Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. Such a great blog and her Letter of the Week curriculum can be printed off for free!
He also had a lot of fun making towers and 'cakes' (that's what my kids call it when there is a peg in each available hole) with this peg stacker.

This puzzle is his obsession right now. He carries it around constantly all day long and randomly puts it together. While he is taking out the pieces he will say each he puts in the pieces he will say each letter. lol This particular picture is one of the times this week that he was really working hard on learning the phonic sounds. A few times this week for 30 min. straight he would ask me what each letter says. He amazingly retained a lot of that information and is well on his way to knowing the phonetic sounds for the letters! I am completely blown away at this skill. I would've never expected him to know all of his letters and their sounds before he turned 3. Because of his veracious appetite for letters I ordered Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and plan on starting it with him on Monday. My mom taught all 3 of my brothers to read using this book.
Working on kite building with pattern blocks. This pattern was found at the Confessions link that I linked above.
Kite building (again same link). I was surprised that Asa easily counted the dots on the dice correctly. I thought I would have to help him more with that.
A cute little poem about different color kites. I cannot remember where I found it. But the verses are simple.

Red kite, red kite
In the sky
I see a red kite flying by.

Then you repeat that verse substituting different colors. I then printed out different colored kites that I modified using clipart to match the colors I wanted. Asa would put the matching color on his feltboard when that color was read in the poem.

Throw the bean bag on the letter Kk. Also made them state the phonetic sound for the letters they landed on.

On Wednesday I introduced the letter Ll by hiding lemons and limes all over the classroom. The kids had a great time finding them. We also used them for counting practice, patterning, spoon racing, and stirring them up in bowls and 'cooking' with them. Wish I had more fun pictures to show of all of that!
Really happy he found a lemon!
I cut a toilet paper tube in half and flattened it to make lemon and lime shapes. Asa had fun stamping yellow and green paint onto the letter Ll. See what other fun things you can make with toilet paper tube prints in this post and here. I also think that they would make really cute footballs. :)
This finished picture is his sister's artwork, but his looked pretty much the same.
Filling in his hearts with candy hearts.
Asa made a pretty valentine flower arrangement with some fake flowers and sparkly, red hearts.

Working on sorting lollipop Lls. This cute printout and more lollipop printouts can be found here.
On to Silas.
He really, really liked this spooning activity I had set out for him and he played it nearly everyday. He take only one at a time, nor did he put only one jewel per compartment, but he did a great job with using the spoon.

PUZZLE MANIA!!! This little guy loves puzzles, and that is not an overstatement. These were his first choice everyday this week. They easily took up 10-15 minutes of his morning tot time.

Puzzles can stack too. I've been setting him up in his chair and giving him something to do while I'm getting either lunch or dinner ready this last week. It has worked wonders and I no longer have a screaming inconsolable child underfoot while I'm getting him food. Here he is enjoying a new puzzle that came in the mail that day.
I asked him where his ears were. :) Yes, there is marker all over this table. It was a free one that used to be our school table. Now it is our kitchen table and there will be a table cloth on it most of the time. lol It looks like I just let my children color on it.
Working at the poster area.
We have these fun stuffed letters that the boys like to play with. I got them at a garage sale for .25 cents! Amazing what you can find out there.
Every time he picks one up to put back in the bucket he asks, "Wha da?"
Working hard at balancing that lime. He really enjoyed playing with these. This day he particularly enjoyed transferring them from one bowl to another.

The next day he had a lot of fun putting them in lines. I tried to get him to sort them by color, but he wanted nothing to do with that. :)
Working on stacking pegs.

Silas didn't have Tot School on Friday because we went to the Story Hour at our library (epic fail....Silas absolutely hated having to sit still, next time I'll bring a snack to keep him quiet)

Just because I was feeling particularly nostalgic on Tuesday about my baby growing up I took cute sleeping pictures at his naptime. I just love his little bottom in the air......
And his sweet little hands by his goes by way too fast!
Happy blogging!


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  1. I love that you're posting these separately now! I too love the butt in the air sleeping position. So sweet. *sigh*

  2. Love the lemon and limes idea. Great ideas for Ll week! I answered your question on my blog but just in case you don't get back there, here's the answer:

    Jess, first I bought neon food coloring colors--not the standard colors. Then I added a minimum of 10-12 drops.

  3. I love, love, love the lemon and lime activities. We made a similar painting with the bent paper tubes for fall. We did orange, yellow, red and made fall leaves. We're totally doing it again when we get to L. You're so clever!!!

  4. Those stuffed letters are great! I also like the lemon and lime activities. I used to have one of those peg stackers. I ended up selling it at a yard sale years ago (didn't know I was going to be doing tot school someday), and now I wish I hadn't!