Friday, February 11, 2011

Week in Review: Finishing Kk and onto Ll

I decided that I'm going to start posting Annabelle's weekly review for preschool and the boys' Tot School separately. Not only that I'm going to be posting by day (Monday, Tuesday etc.). I thought that doing this would shorten these posts and pictures, but instead it may have lengthened them. Because I knew I was doing separate posts at the beginning of the week I took a gazillion pictures. lol So enjoy!

This might seem like a weird picture to lead off on, but I was so proud of Annabelle for completing this. She doesn't like to color much. Not because she dislikes the activity, but because she is such a perfectionist that if something looks wrong in her eyes, even the tiny littlest bit of crayon outside the lines, the page is ruined and she gets a horrible attitude to go with it. So she just prefers not to color. Not only did she color this in one setting she cut it all out by herself too! She did a great job and had an excellent attitude! This page was part of our Bible lesson that God will supply ALL of our needs.
The first couple days of this week were spent finishing up our Kk activities. She thought this game I made was pretty fun. She clipped the correct number of clothespins onto the kite tails.

Putting together a kite with her pattern blocks. Pattern found here.
This fun little game is another one I put together. The object is to try to land on the Kk. This was also a good review of phonetic sounds. Every letter she landed on I had her tell me the sound it made (if her brother didn't answer first). They both did very well with their sounds.

On Wednesday I was confident that Annabelle knew the letter Kk well enough to move onto the next letter, Ll. I thought that it would be fun to start this day with a little hide and seek. I hid all the lemons and limes. The kids had a fun time collecting them. We also had a lot of fun mixing them in bowls, spoon races, patterning, and counting. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this....must be we were all having too much fun for me to remember to snap a couple photos.
After this Annabelle made her Ll page for the alphabet wall. First she dotted her Lls then she stamp painted with flattened toilet paper tubes to make lemon and lime shapes on her paper.
The finished product. The cool colored in limes was the result of bubbles forming inside the tubes and when she pulled it off the paper it would pop and color in the lines. Pretty cool!
Sorting and counting activity. I kept it simple (only 1-5) this time, since it is a new activity.

This by far is one of her favorite activities and she just gets better and faster at it every time. The idea is to create the same pattern that is on the paper on the table next to it. You can print this and other great ladybug activities out here.

Flower arranging. Apparently she only requires one white flower, and all the fuzzy pink hearts. lol And yes, where we live it is 20 degrees outside, don't let the cute little sundress fool you. I'm shivering just looking at that outfit, but they don't seem to bother her. I do make her change and/or layer before we leave the house. Silly girl. lol
Our Bible lesson for this week centered on ladybugs and how they are helpful bugs and eat certain insects that can destroy crops. Did you know they are Australian natives?! Apparently they were brought over from Australia to eat another insect (that also came from Australia). You learn something new everyday I tell ya. Coloring her picture while listening to the lesson.
I made this game (and it took forever to cut out all those black dots....twice because I laminated them lol). Annabelle got a kick out of this game and kept calling the ladybugs 'little cuties'.

On of the few Valentine activities that she worked with this week. This is the rose tonging. Asa is patiently watching and waiting for his turn.
How many kisses did Valentine bear get? Well, no more than 15 at this point. Annabelle was thrilled that she got to work with real food (chocolate) and was even more excited when she found out she got to eat 5 of them. :) This activity can be downloaded from here.
To finish up the week Annabelle worked on some of her lollipop activities. These are really cute and can be printed off here. Who doesn't love a good lollipop? :)
Sad, my picture didn't upload properly. I think that you get the point though. Put the arrow (clothespin) on the corresponding lowercase letter. Annabelle did A-M in under 6 minutes. I was very happy with that. You can find these printables here.

Well, that wraps up our preschool week. We are pressing on and learning the letter Mm next week, along with talking about a whole lot of love. I hope to post tomorrow with some of my really fun plans for the week. Happy blogging!

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  1. Stopping over from Preschool Corner. Loved your kite activity! Very clever. Great week! Kerri

  2. I agree with Kerri. Loved the counting kite activity.