Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 1

Hurray! Garage sale season is here! This post is a little different than normal. I've used this blog mostly for homeschooling purposes. However, I enjoy garage sales so much that I thought I would share my finds with you. Plus there is a fun, brand new link up at My Life on a Taffy Pull that I wanted to participate in. Since it is my birthday weekend and also my first official garage sale weekend of the season I tend to buy more than usual (at least that is what I tell myself...).

There were 2 areas that had multiple homes having garage sales this weekend and I got to enjoy them both. 2 mornings without kids (love them....but love to have a break from them too), and one morning a great friend came with me. It was a good weekend cold, but fun. :)

I found some great clothes for Silas everything in great condition and no stains. Mostly Old Navy, Carters, Target, and GAP. Starting from the 1 o' clock position: 2 pair pjs $1.00 a piece, dressy outfit for 1.00, 2 super cute Sunday outfits 1.50 a piece, GAP sweatshirt .50, jeans and cargos .75 a piece, and dress shoes 1.00 = Total: $8.00
Smaller pile, but still nice stuff for Asa from Old Navy. 4 long sleeve shirts 1.50, and 9 pair of unders for 2.25 (kind of pricey for used unders, but they were in good condition and cheaper than new....and we definitely need more!). Total = $3.75
In an effort to turn TV viewing down to 1.5hrs per day I've been stockpiling books. I also have all themes planned out for next school year so I've been stockpiling on books to go with those themes as well. There are 20 books here (sorry Zak). I would say half of them were .25, 7 were .50 and 3 of them were 1.00. Total = $9.00
Ok....random pile of stuff. lol
First let me explain the Beanie Babies. Do we need stuffed Do I want more stuffed However, here is the scenario. For Annabelle's K year we are doing the Animals and Their Worlds core from Winter Promise. We will be visiting 6 different environments and taking a look at the animals that live there. Asa and Silas will probably be tagging along for most of it. I thought it would be really fun for all three of them (but Silas and Annabelle in particular) to have a variety of animals to set out that go with each environment that we study. You know for fun imaginary play. :) Ok, back to the deals.
Boggle Jr (complete) 2.00, 5 beanies at .25 a piece, 4 golf tee games (Silas fine motor skills) 1.00, random scraps of fabric of different textures (for a texture sort I've been wanting to make for Silas) 2.25. Total = $6.50
I hit the mother load for Annabelle! Such great, almost new, non-stained things! Mostly Old Navy, OshKosh, Target (Circo), Kohls, and Gymboree. Starting from the top right: 4 pair shorts 1.00 (.25 a piece!), white sundress 1.00, Gymboree outfit 2.00, 2 cute jean leggings NWT 1.00, 8 summer shirts 2.00, 9 long sleeve shirts 2.25. Total = $9.25
9 books $3.50
Beanies $5.00

Did I get anything for me this weekend you ask? Why yes, yes I did. 3 great classic pieces of literature in new condition for $3. Looking forward to diving into some Emily Dickinson poetry soon!

Not too shabby! If you want to see other good finds head over to My Life on a Taffy Pull. Happy blogging.


  1. Wow, you found some wonderful things! I love garage sales and REALLY miss them (they're rare in England). You found some terrific books, and I love your idea for the Beanie Babies. I agree with you about not needing any more stuffed animals, but I might actually hunt for some now (in charity shops--which is the next best thing here).

  2. I've been seeing lots of beanie babies at yard sales too lately. Today we saw them for $2 a piece. Too much! Even my 5 year old passed! We did get books for a good price too.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog (about Bee's communion). I was worried that others would think it was blasphemy that my 5 year old was serving the sacred elements. I'm glad you think it's precious and innocent too.

  4. OH my word, you had a fantastic garage sale weekend! All those clothes...what a blessing!

    Thanks for linking up! :o)

    Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday too!

  5. You did find a lot!! Great finds on the clothes, and you found some awesome books, too!! I have a small bin of tiny stuffed animals and a bag of Toob animals in our school room for story telling, so I would say the beenies are a good idea!

  6. LOVE all your garage sale finds!! We haven't been in a month since hubby works Friday and Saturday mornings and I am going through withdrawal! Here in Florida garage sales basically stop soon because it gets too hot. I'll have to get my fix from your pictures! :)

  7. I wasn't sure how to contact you, but you won the Great Migrations giveaway. How's that for a good deal? :)

    Be sure to email me your contact info at brandyferrell at yahoo dot com. And visit Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood to join us in our Laugh and Link-up each month! CONGRATULATIONS!

  8. Lots of great finds! I cannot wait to go out and find some too! Happy Birthday!


  9. Whoa! I'm amazed at all your great finds! Just like me, spent more on books than clothes, lol! Dickinson's A Charm Invests a Face was a favorite of mine in high school.