Friday, May 6, 2011

What A Light Week!

So not let the title of the post fool should read, "What a Ridiculously Light Week." We had some major technical difficulties here this week. My printer wasn't working and by the time I got it fixed (Wednesday) I promptly ran out of ink and haven't had time to run to the store. So we skipped our planned school and just did a couple crafts instead. I'll be running to the store sometime tomorrow for ink so we will continue next week with Uu and Ww.

I got a couple of lovely bouquets for my birthday. Unfortunately the kids got a hold of one and 'loved' on my flowers. They thought that they were just beautiful. I salvaged what I could and then turned the rest into a painting medium.

I thought that they might have fun with this since they really liked the truck painting we did last week, but they were not impressed with this at all. Silas gave up and used a paintbrush instead. Annabelle and Asa were done after 10 minutes. I was hoping for at least 40 minutes total. lol
The leaves and flowers that contributed to the art.
Asa's finished painting (Annabelle refused to allow her art to be photographed).
Since that didn't take very long we moved onto something that I've been waiting to do for a while. Straw painting. Our forsythia bushes finally bloomed so we created art based around that.
Annabelle and Asa used straws to blow the body of the bush with brown paint (with some help from me).
Then they crumpled up yellow tissue paper and stuck it on where I put dots of glue. These are the finished products. They are really quite lovely in person.
A beautiful picture of the inspiration in our backyard. Forsythia's always look so scraggly to me (probably because I don't know how to trim them), but in the spring I remember why I love them so much. Nothing beats looking outside and seeing a cheery yellow bush.
Happy blogging.


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  1. I'd seen the tissue paper trees before, but not with blown paint! (It's on my to-do list now!) Those are beautiful bushes!

  2. Those came out sooo cute!!!!

    just popping in from tot school.

  3. Love the blow painting as well! How fun!

  4. "(Annabelle refused to allow her art to be photographed)"
    Oh my goodness, that sounds so familiar!! I'm glad it's not just my daughter ;)

    These projects are so cool! I love how they came out :)