Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tot School: Transportation and More Spring Fun

We had such a fun week learning about different types of transportation. Our Spring Break over Easter week was good, but we are all happy to be back into our normal routine. He are some of the books we enjoyed looking at this week.
We had a lot of fun using our toy trucks and cars to make tire tracks on Tt. This truck was the coolest because it left a really fun tread mark.
Having a ball!
The finished product. You can't really see it, but somewhere underneath all of those transportation stickers there is a Tt. lol Asa loves stickers and will diligently peel and stick until all of them are gone. The bottom is a picture with some cool tire treads in it.
Asa worked on some pre-writing skills this week. These cute printables are from here. I must say that his skills are pretty rough. :)
Doing his very best.
This would be one crazy plane ride! :)
We also did some counting cards from the same pack. He did excellent. He only needed my help a couple times and that is because he was moving his finger faster than he was counting.
Working the clothespins and the card at the same time. This can be a difficult thing for toddlers to coordinate. He wasn't even able to do it a month ago.
Using train gel clings from Target to decorate the window. Always a favorite in this house.
This is Asa's very first color by number.
He did a good job following the directions and finding the numbers. He was so proud of his work he even wrote his name.
My mom bought these cute transportation valentine's on clearance. I laminated them and gave them to Annabelle and Asa to play memory with.
I love when they play games together! This is a game with rules and taking turns and they were able to play without any refereeing on my part. That makes me one happy momma.
Working on the sound matching eggs.
He found a match!
I finally got around to putting out the Easter sun catchers. Unfortunately I did it during nap time and Annabelle got to three of them before he woke up. I made sure she saved one for him.
His little duck.
Sorting cupcake picks.
Working on counting crosses. More description on this and the cupcake picks can be found here.
Annabelle wanted to take a picture of us....and he thought this was just hilarious.
Silas is really, truly, finally blossoming into a little, independent, sweet man. I'm finding that he is coming to me less and less to for entertainment and learning to do things on his own or with his siblings. This makes me very happy and sad at the same time (he's growing up!). I am glad that he is learning to be content. A content baby makes for a happy house.

He loves letters and puzzles. He worked for a really long time on this toy. Over his head, yes, but it combined two of his favorite things.
He is wanting to do everything his brother and sister are doing. He has a 'if you can do it so can I' attitude. Full of spunk this one. Dot painting his Tt. I gave him a blank sheet of paper at first and he insisted (yelled no at me and said T) that he be given a paper with the letter Tt on it. Silly boy.
Painting with cars on the letter Tt.
He was done as soon as he got his hand messy. A little abnormal for him.
Apparently he would much rather help me clean the cars and play in the water than paint.
Another one of his favorite activities. That is a full basket of crayons. lol
He also decorated the window with some gel clings. He played with these the rest of the evening.
That's all for this week. Hope you all had a good one too. Happy blogging.

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