Friday, April 29, 2011

Week in Review: Transportation & More Spring Fun

Another week and we're pushing forward! We had a good time learning about different modes of transportation the week. I think that we had a pretty good time. We had a nice break over the week before Easter, but it was nice for everyone to get back into a routine.
I got these little wooden puzzles from Target. Annabelle was watching me while I was setting this up....
She wanted to play with them so much that she didn't even bother to move them from the chair they were photographed on.
We worked on a few things from the Transportation Preschool Pack. We worked on the directions left and right. She does very well with knowing what way is what for the most part.

This cute graph is from the 2 Teaching Mommies unit. It was a fun way to figure out what goes together. We also used the cards to play a what doesn't belong type of game. I would lay out 4 of the cards and one of them didn't fit into the group.
Our letter for this week was Tt. Tt is for transportation, trains, trucks, tires etc. Annabelle had a good time making tire marks with cars and trucks dipped in paint. much fun. :)
The finished letter Tt for our alphabet wall.
Decorating the window with some transportation gel clings we got at Target. This is always a favorite activity for the kids.
Working on a color by number from the first preschool pack mentioned above. She isn't too thrilled with these, but it really helps her practice following directions. It also makes he focus and pay attention so that she doesn't color a number incorrectly (focusing and engaging her mind is something that is hard for her at the moment).
My mom found these cute transportation valentines on clearance at Meijer and I made a matching game for Annabelle and Asa to play.
It's so fun to see them cooperating and playing a game with rules and turn taking involved! They were able to do this with minimal interference from me.
We finally got around to painting the sun catchers from the Dollar Tree. Annabelle really wanted to do all four of them, but I made her save one for Asa.
The finished bunnies. I was surprised she used so much color! I really expected her to do them all one color: pink or purple (or pink and purple mixed together). lol
I finally purchased a home membership to Annabelle was having such a hard time recognizing numbers (and even counting) past 12. She would get so frustrated and just give up. It was so sad (and frustrating) to see her be so defeated. The Starfall membership has number games up to 20 and I knew with how much she loved their phonics that she would do well with these. Let me just say.....the best $35 I've spent in a LONG time. There is a vast improvement in just two days......
....and because of Starfall we can finally enjoy our bunny slap game! She has never smiled because of math before! lol What a wonderful triumph for her.
There is a sign of Spring in our house that I must admit we all dislike (some much more than others).....ANTS. They are all over our house! So gross. Annabelle decided on her own to write a little 'story' about ants in her journal that she carries around. It says, "Annabelle Hakala Lorraine scared of ants." (yes, I did help her spell everything but her first name). The picture is an ant. And the OBO above the ant says, "BOO!" So funny. She read it over and over and over again. At least she makes up for her dislike of numbers with her growing curiosity of reading.
That's it for this week. I'm really hoping that Spring shows up in MI sometime soon. I'm so ready for 65+ weather! Speaking of weather (how is that for a transition), we are doing two letters this week. Uu for Umbrella and Ww for weather. I have some fun things planned....that I need to start preparing. lol Happy blogging!


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  1. What a fun week!! I love the idea of painting with the cars!! My son (36 months) would love that!

  2. I LOVE looking at all your activities with all three kids! I am so very super impressed.. it gives me lots of hope that I can do the same in year. And hurray for a math victory!! Going to make a note on the Starfall in case we encounter the same issues. Good work, mama!! Can't wait to see what else you have in store. :)

  3. You did a great job with this theme. I'll keep some of this in mind when we do this one. We dont have too many ants, but we have ladybugs. Not too bad yet this year, but some years its horrible. My kids LOVE it (the are the only ones), always trying to catch the buggies and keep them as pets. Hopefully your DD wont try to do that with the ants!