Monday, April 18, 2011

Tot School: Easter/Spring and the letter Ss

What a week! We were very light on schooling this week. Only squeezed 3 days of activities in, but we had fun. I'm directing the Easter play at church so it is consuming my thoughts and that probably has something to do with not getting more done. I have a feeling that this week is going to be the same way. I did not do the letter Ss justice by giving it such a short week and not doing many themed activities that I could've done, but the kids still learned the letter and the sound it makes (including Silas!). We also had a fun time with our Spring trays that I put together earlier in the week.

We concentrated on S is for sun. This first picture I just love because all three of my kids are working on three different things at the same time....peacefully! This is one of the things that I know is going to warm my heart over the years of homeschooling.
Asa is working on his Ss letter craft. He didn't finish it (I have no idea why) so I posted a picture of Annabelle with her finished art so you can see the end result.
The finished project. S is for sun and stars.
I printed these off from Sparklebox. We played a game with them. I laid out the set of lowercase letters. Asa would draw a sun from the uppercase letter pile, say the phonic sound, then find the match.
I love his expression here as he is looking for the match.
Spring activities/trays
If you want detailed information about these trays you can find them in my post here (also posted at the beginning of the blog). :)

Working on the sticker tray
This is the CVC egg tray. He did so well with these eggs. He loved this activity. This boy really wants to read! Here he is after putting the letters in the correct order (without my help!) and saying the sounds out loud and then 'saying it fast'.
We made collages using tissue paper and contact paper cut into cross shapes. I plan on making a pretty garland to hang in our window with these and the paper mache eggs that we made this week too. It will be a nice replacement for our shamrocks that I took down.....a couple days ago. lol
Finished....just pretty, and a great reminder of Christ's love for us.
Paper mache.....messiest craft I have ever done with the kids! Although it was enjoyed by all (except Silas....he sat this one out). I got this great idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree. If you have never visited her blog you should when you get some time. Such creative, artistic ideas for little ones.
This picture does not do them justice. They are quite lovely. I can't wait to get them strung up with the crosses and hung in our window. It will be a great splash of color against the white snow (?!?!) that is falling from the sky right now.
Just a random little picture that I love from this week. He is working on some two part puzzles that we got from a friend. I told him to smile and this is what I get.....goofy boy. :)

Silas actually let me take pictures of him this week! I didn't push my luck though and only took them for one of our tot school times. The camera is so distracting to him.

Spooning eggs. This was one of his favorites.
Putting cards into a shoebox that I cut a slit into. (Not Easter or spring, but one that he played with for quite some time this week).
He loved opening and closing all these eggs. There was something different in each one, and he loved finding out what it was.
Working really hard at putting the egg back together. Love the face. lol
You can't hear him, but he was saying, "S sssssss". The whole time he was dotting this picture. It was pretty cute.
He joined us in making tissue paper crosses. He likes this art project. He has a fascination with contact paper. lol

That was our week! Looking forward to using 2 Teaching Mommies resurrection egg lessons next week and talking to my kids about the love of Jesus and the joyful news of our salvation! Happy blogging.

I am linking this to 1+1+1=1. See what other fun tots are up to this week.
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  1. <3 love them all :)

  2. They Look Fabulous Jess! I'm so glad you made these! The yarn ones are much easier because you only need one layer of tissue paper! In the right lighting everything looks more beautiful! Good for you for trying paper mache! It is messy, but the results are so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun ideas! :) I hope you have a great week!