Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Checking off the Bucket List

Just thought I would post a little Summer Bucket List update.

Last weekend we were able to cross out one item. Painting with our feet. It was a cooler day because of the breeze, and it was supposed to rain (as it has been this entire week so far) but the kids still had fun. Well, all except Silas. This wasn't his idea of a good time so he played in the yard with Zak and the dog (Amos).

Finished. They got their little hands in there too. On a side note I should have been forward thinking and not let them wear decent clothing.
Something else exciting got done this weekend. Phase one of building a firepit! We had to make a better clearing in the trees in our yard so Zak got to work and cut several limbs off a couple trees (and looked pretty good doing it). Bonus: Between these limbs and the huge branch (small tree) that fell on our house right before Easter we have firewood to last us well into August/September.

To finish the firepit we (and by we I mean Zak....I'm just going to watch him look good doing manual labor, and maybe provide some lemonade) need to dig a hole and insert the metal rim given to us (thanks Carefelle's!!) and get some pavers (stones I think...this is just a fancy word Zak used) to outline the pit. Pretty exciting! Hoping to have our first fire next week sometime. If this rain ever STOPS!!!

Happy blogging. :)


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