Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 5

Had a pretty unadventurous week of garage saling over here. I went out briefly on Friday morning, but it was cold and raining off and on (kind of like the entire week here!). I did manage to find some fun things though.

These are really fun dry erase cards. 3 haven't been opened! 2 addition, one telling time, and the other for money. These all say 1st and up, but after looking through Annabelle's math curriculum I knew that we'd be going over all of this in her K year. Hopefully this will add some fun to the mix of work for her. $2.00 (total)
I paid more than I wanted to for this matching game ($5.00), but I saw it and I couldn't put it down. Now before you think that I'm crazy for spending that much on a matching game I will say that it is Eboo (they have some really great products), and it is in brand new condition. What can I was one of those 'if I don't get this I'm going to be thinking about it for the next week' purchases. :)

I have some fun ideas outside of just a matching game. I was thinking of using this to help learn geography and sticking the people in their correct countries on a map as we learn about them (like an interactive mapping game). I don't know....either way we won't be using them much until next year.
I got a whole slew of paint with water books and a coloring book for FREE!!! The marbles were .25
Another assortment of great books for an even better price. $4.00. One can never have too many copies of Brown Bear, Brown Bear (especially if your kids love it as much as mine do). I think that this is our 5th copy that we've owned. My kids will read and love on this book until it is destroyed. So I ALWAYS will buy it if it is under $1.00.
A pair of crocs for Annabelle and Asa. I used to think I would never put my kids in playing. outdoor. shoe. ever. EVER! Don't Break the Ice a classic. $3.00
Adorable bag from Bath and Body Works (still with tags) $1.00. It is huge. It is the perfect beach/day outing bag. We will be using it tomorrow when we venture out to the Detroit Zoo. It did have some watermark stains on it, but they washed right out.

Next weekend we will be having a garage sale of our very own. Our very first one! I just hope that people will like our stuff enough to buy it. The money is going to go toward the huge swing set that we just bought for the kids. Zak insists that he bought it for me though, because it will assist me in maintaining my sanity. lol He's a funny one I tell you. What he doesn't know is I said good bye to my sanity quite awhile ago. ;) This is just a sampling of what we'll be selling. It is currently residing on the dining room table. The rest is in the basement and the garage.
I hope that everyone else had a great week. AND if you feel like joining in and sharing your treasures head on over to My Life on a Taffy Pull and link up. So fun! Happy blogging.



  1. Fun stuff!!! I have played with the face game before and the kids loved it. They were only a year old and still enjoyed matching the faces. 5.00 is right on the edge, but I've never seen it at a sale so I would be tempted! Great find on the bag! And the wipe cards look fun! Good luck with your sale!!

  2. Love the Crocs! So exciting that you are having a garage sale! My one piece of advice, and I know you didn't ask so feel free to ignore it, is that you don't price anything lower than a quarter. So all the change you make and get is basically quarters, everything that you feel is worth less than that, put in a free box. It will save you so much time and effort! Can't wait to hear how it went! Blessings!

  3. WOW! You did great! I haven't been yard saleing in months. Maybe I'll get out there this weekend. I AM having another yard sale soon, I have about 2 a year.