Tuesday, June 28, 2011

African Savannah: Lions

We actually started out this week about talking about tree shapes. Acacia trees that are found on the Savannah are umbrella shaped. We went outside and walked around to see if we could find any umbrella shaped trees.....we didn't. We found that trees with a distinguishable shape tend to be triangles in our neck of the woods. :)

This is her observation page that she did. She found the trees and took pictures, and I printed them out for her to cut and paste into her book.
Working on her lion craft. She has a lot of fun with these.
She even let Asa help!
The finished masterpiece. :) Right now him and the giraffe are having tea. lol
Here is some work that we did on her Animal Notebook this week. I love the multi-colored animals that she has been coloring. They make me smile. :)
Bad picture....sorry. I made this "Where do lions live?" interactive. I just put velcro on it so that she can do this again and again. There is also some copy work attached that she did.
We learned a lot about the jobs of each lion. The boys protect the pride from predators, invading lions etc., the girls hunt and raise the babies, the babies learn how to be lions.
All of these great lap book components can be found at Homeschool Share. Annabelle really likes her notebook, and it is something she looks over almost daily. It is also something she loves to show other people. It is so good to see her be proud and take ownership of her work. :)

The letter that we reviewed this week was the letter N. One of the activities we did was creating the letter Nn out of pipe cleaners. She also made quite a few other letters.
Making a newt.
Newts like to sun themselves on rocks, so of course Annabelle had to find a nice rock for her little newt.
She also made a noodle name. I wrote her name on paper (I tried to have her write it, but she wasn't understanding that it needed to be big, but not so big that it wouldn't fit on the paper), she outlined it in glue, and then stuck on the noodles.
She did this while I was reading to her from Born Free (one of the chapter books she has a really hard time focusing on). This type of work really helps her engage more in the reading.
My kids really enjoy their school space. I find them playing in there often. It is such a blessing to be able to have an area for there things (and to be able to close the door when I don't want them playing in their manipulatives).

This is a little peek of what I find during the day when my kids are actually playing quietly and nicely (without doing something naughty or making a huge mess lol). Annabelle is 'reading' to Asa and Jude.
Waking up in the morning and playing with everything on the shelves all at once. We had a fun cleaning/sorting lesson after this. :)
That was our week. Next up we will be learning about cheetahs (with a little side glance at hippos). Happy blogging!


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  1. What a great week! I love "watching" what you do each week. :)

  2. I love the messy room picture. I should make sure to capture those occasionally...too often I clean up before taking pictures of the space, but where's the "real" in that?!
    And I laughed when you explained why you had to write her name for her. That's SO Jasmine, too.
    She loves showing people her notebook and looking at it, too. I love that!! They'll have treasured keepsakes to look back at for years :)
    (by the way, do you usually see when I reply to your comment? or is there a better way to do that?)