Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Back!!

Did you miss me? Most probably didn't even notice I was gone. lol Well, I have missed all of my blog friends. I have many posts to catch up on, however, my husband took the camera with all the pictures on it this morning so most will have to wait until later. This last week (and this week) the principal and the teacher made a decision to take a break from school....I love homeschooling. I didn't want to do that this early on, but the weather has been so lovely. My kids have been outside pretty much sun up to sun down and having a great time. Add to that having visitors over and the holiday we have just been too busy. I am ok with that. We've had a great time!

We have checked a few things off of our bucket list. Here is one of them......Chuck E. Cheese. Zak, Annabelle, Asa, and I all went (Silas was with good's a little overwhelming for him here). We had a good time and the kids loved it. They both mutually decided at the end to combine their tickets and get a back of cotton candy. It was so sweet to see them come to that decision together. Here are some highlights.

This was always one of my favorite games.
Annabelle really liked this 'virtual' roller coaster game/ride. She rode it several times.....I think we have a thrill seeker on our hands (good thing Zak and I both like coasters!)
Asa had a good time on this truck. It went way up in the air.
The all time favorite was this horse. Zak's parents have 7 horses and Annabelle just loves them. She did really good with the reins and directing the 'horse' where to go.
Asa just had a good time being up on the horse.
We went right when it opened so there were only one or two other families there. It was like having the whole place to ourselves. It started to get busy toward the end but we were there for 2 hours with no lines/competition for the games which was nice. I didn't realize how long it would take to spend 100 tokens, but it took a while. lol
Happy blogging! I'll be back tomorrow with more fun absentee happenings. :)


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