Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 10

Ok, so this is about 5 days late. Almost time to start garage saling again this week! :) I wasn't able to go out Thursday or Friday this week. Zak told me I should go on Saturday which was really sweet of him! I went with Annabelle, but apparently Saturday is not the day to go garage saling around here. Everything was extremely picked through. Combine that with the fact that there weren't many sales due to the holiday and I hardly bought anything. By hardly bought anything I mean I spent a grand total of $5.00! lol

Some clothes for Silas. A couple pair of jeans (one of them is a pair of cute), jammies, 4 pair of shorts, and a dress shirt.
I know that these might not look like much, but I have a plan for them (although it may not come to fruition until next spring.....hope I remember that I have them lol).
Books of course. I'm pretty sure that I got several more titles than this....but they must have disappeared into kids rooms. Rosie's Walk is such a cute little book. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly proved to be a fun book to read in the car while driving. We went through it about 15 times. Annabelle really liked it. :)
I love this doll that Annabelle found for a dollar. It is the size of an AG doll. She is really pretty! Bonus: Her hair won't get tangled! Her name is Molly (according to Annabelle), her tag says Daisy. :)
There it is.....the whole kit and caboodle. :) $5.00 dollars.....pretty sure I spent more money on gas driving around. lol Happy blogging. I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull. Head there to see if other people were able to come out with more things than I did. lol



  1. Yay for getting out and with your little girl :). I love spending time one on one with my girls!

  2. Better late then never I say! I LOVE the doll! I would have bought the doll just to set on my shelf and look at. I have a "thing" for dolls, I inherited it from my mom! :o)

    I can't wait to see what you find this week. I made my list and sent my petition before the Lord to help me find the things I need.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  3. Bummer that Saturdays are not the day there, I really dont know what Saturdays are like here, I refused to get up that early on a Saturday :).

    I love the sweet dolly that your DD found, Molly is a nice name! I may find all the clothes-but you find the BEST books! There was an Old Lady has been on my want list for about 15 years, and I have never come across it used. I probably should just break down and buy it.

    Love the plaid shorts for Silas, too! Good luck with your sales this week end!

  4. You sure can shop girl!!! I want to know what your idea is for the foam beads. Curiosity!! :)
    (Ignore my web address. AJ wants me to put it on everything to increase our rankings....well unless you need to order a gift basket of course.) :)