Friday, July 8, 2011

Firepit Fun

There has been big transformations taking place in our backyard as of late. I thought I would take a moment and share them with you.

My talented, amazing, wonderful husband put this great swing set up with his bare hands and sweat. He did it all in his spare time. It is a sanity saver for me, and I truly appreciate his handiwork. The kids absolutely LOVE it. We were super blessed when we had our garage sale and were able to pay for most of this with what we made!
Just a few of the many pictures that I have of the enjoyment it has brought the kids.
That's my dad....such a great grandpa. He has been solicited for endless minutes of pushing swings....up to 3 at a time actually (super grandpa!). My kids are blessed to have such wonderful grandparents in their lives.
Ok, onto the firepit work. As you will recall Zak began the work on this in late May. This afternoon in late June he finished it. With obvious help from Asa. Gotta make sure the hole gets dug right! :)
Here we are enjoying our first fire of the season. My parents came out this night.
So cute in their little folding chairs. Nice fire Zak!
We had another fire on the Fourth of July. We had my parents over (again) and some great friends. I didn't include any pics of them because....well....there were just a lack of good ones. :)

Silas looked like a mud puddle child. Can I just take a moment to say....I love dirty means that they're actually playing and being kids.
Zak was Annabelle and Asa's hero. He bought cheap fireworks and you would've thought that they were the huge ones up in the sky. The. best. reactions. ever. The adults had just as much fun (if not more fun) watching the kids reaction. I must admit that even I was sad when the last one was lit.

I think this spot is going to be the setting of many wonderful memories. Some of my fondest were made around a fire. I'm hoping that my kids will have fond ones too.
Happy blogging!



  1. Soooooooooooo very envious right now of your awesome swing set area!! I need a sanity saver in my backyard! My girls will have to settle for climbing the walls until we move the end of next year. :)