Monday, June 27, 2011

Themeless Tot Trays

So I have one more week before I officially start Tot School again with Asa and Silas, but they were really in need of some trays this week. They have both been asking me for 'school'. I started Annabelle's K and I have been trying to work out a schedule that will benefit everyone (myself included). It is actually proving to be harder than I thought it would. You will notice only one picture of Asa in this post. That is because I have been slacking the most with him (poor guy). I plan on making sure that he gets some great mommy time this week and think that I finally have a plan put together to make sure that no one is left out. Asa did play with these trays this week, there was just no specific one on one time with him like there should be....still feeling some mommy guilt. Anyway, here is our week. :)

I just bought this game during one of our recent garage saling adventures. Stuck it on a tray and the kids had a great time playing with it this week.
This tray was the least played with tray. My intentions were for the kids to string the beads on the pipe cleaners. To get even more fancy they could string them onto the matching color pipe cleaner.
We have these great wooden spools that were given to us by a friend (thanks Miss Beth!). We have used them off and on throughout the year for building things.
Being very careful!
I bought these letter beads recently off of Amazon with some of Silas' birthday money. I plopped them in a basket and just sat them out. lol Later I added some cups for sorting and pouring.
These were the most played with this week. The first day he poured.....
Another day he was lining them up. So I decided to take the opportunity to play a little game with him. I would set out a few different letters and then say, "Where is the T?" He would find it and then put it in his line. He really liked this and we played for a good 20 min.! (Don't mind his face.....he was recently attacked by mosquitoes).
As I mentioned I started Annabelle's K. She is learning all about animals this year. Right now we are learning about animals that live in the African grasslands. There is a really cool website that lets you see a few different African watering holes live. We've had it up on our laptop pretty consistently over the last couple weeks. This particular morning we were seeing a whole lot of elephants. Silas was really enjoying watching them and then asked for an elephant to color.
Having fun watching the elephants and coloring them.
I also have a little 'play' area with African animals set there for some imaginative play. The kids LOVE this and have played with it every day.
Lining up some of our plastic 'safari' animals in the play area. He was grouping the animals together with their pair.
Just a fun cute picture.
And just so you don't think that the other kids were completely neglected (or just so I stop feeling so much guilt about neglecting them lol), here is a picture of what the school room looked like a lot of times this week. I peeked in one day to see what was going on. Annabelle is 'reading' to Asa and Jude while they were playing with the letter beads.
A fun week! Looking forward to beginning a new schedule here soon and getting back to a routine where no sweet child is left out. Happy blogging! :)


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