Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Just wanted to give an update on our Summer Bucket List. We've crossed several more things off of our list. Two of them happening yesterday. It was Zak's birthday yesterday so the kids decorated a cake for him. Annabelle liked this more than Asa. He was cranky and just woke up from a nap and ended up letting Annabelle decorate most of his half of the cake.

Here is the finished masterpiece. :) It was quite tasty.
After the birthday celebration was finished we decided to end the evening with running through the sprinkler. Silas enjoyed standing right next to it.....the whole time....he didn't move at all.
Asa was less cranky at this point and really enjoyed himself too.
Even Amos loved it. lol Such a great dog.
Annabelle was trying to drink the water just like Amos.
Doing a little dance. This girl loves the water.
This dog loves the water.
It was such a fun evening. It ended in baths and then some schooling for Annabelle. We have also gone to the beach and visited a zoo. I didn't take my camera to the beach. I will make sure to have it next time and to take pictures so I can post about it. The zoo.....well, let's just say that we will be attempting it again because it was an epic fail. lol Annabelle and Silas did great. Asa on the other hand.... let's just say we didn't see very many animals due to handling an uncharacteristic Asa. Happy blogging!


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