Sunday, July 17, 2011

African Savannah: Cheetahs

Done with cheetahs! I feel like we've been studying cheetahs forever. Probably because we started a little bit before our 2 week break and then started over. In between then we watched a fun series periodically on Netflix called Big Cat Diary which my kids really enjoy and still ask to watch. Disclaimer: I have not watched all the episodes, AND there is an episode (the second or third one) that has (ahem) mating rituals on it. That made for interesting conversation. lol

With my magnificent artistic abilities (hahaha) I drew a cheetah onto poster board, cut it out, and Annabelle put on some very colorful spots. :)
The finished masterpiece. Cheetahs would look much more interesting in color, don't you think?
Here are the notebook pages that we completed. Again all of these fun components were found at Homeschool Share.

The letter of the week in the Animal Worlds curriculum was O. I made it kind of lame this week just because I was so busy with starting the boys tot school, and adding in her Language Arts something had to suffer. :)

Making Oo prints with empty yogurt containers.

A lunch sack octopus. See....told you it was lame. She enjoyed the octopus though, and thought it quite funny that its head was stuffed with paper.
She still continues to play with her safari stuffed animals. I love this. The imaginary conversations that I here going on in this little corner make me smile. Here she is using the anteater to smell all the animals and telling them, "Yup, you smell like a (insert animal name here)." Except for the hippo....the hippo apparently smells like pizza....I think she was getting hungry.
Still completely LOVING this curriculum! Happy blogging.


I'm linking up to Preschool Corner. So much inspiration coming from that blog! :)

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