Monday, July 18, 2011

Tot School: Trying to get it together!

My goodness! It was more difficult than I thought it would be to do 2 different curriculums at the same time with three kids! I'm hoping that this was just because it was our first week. At least the kids didn't feel any of the pressure that I felt. They had a great time. Asa just kept asking, "What's next momma?".....over and over and over. The trays that I refer to in this post can be seen in more detail here. :)

This pic proves that I need new tot trays, so I can officially designate the ones I have for craft trays (as they have already been used as such). I like this little book and Asa enjoyed using his ten black dots (pom poms) to count along with throughout the book.
Working on the number 2 page.
Working on his Number 2 book. I found these at Hart 2 Hart. She has a really fun blog full of really fun ideas!
We worked on number recognition with numbers 1-4. We didn't need to do this because he apparently already knows these numbers (and the numbers 5-12.....I had no idea). Either way he enjoyed this little egg carton game and played with it quite a few times this week. I had a couple different versions, both are from Hubbard's Cupboard.

Version 1
Version 2
Shaking the bead around.
He really enjoyed cutting his ocean animals.
After he was done cutting them he asked to glue them on some paper. I obliged. :)
Counting shells. He did so good at this. I was very impressed.
Writing numbers in the 'ocean bag' (a gallon zip lock bag filled with blue and white paint).
I worked with Silas this week on identifying the colors red and blue. This is a little activity bin that I put together using those colors.
He enjoyed it, however I'm not sure that he's any closer to indentifying these colors. :)

He worked on the same number books that Asa did. This pic is a little blurry, but his little face is so sweet. He's working so hard to put glue on his little piece of paper.

Shell sorting. Don't mind the huge bug bites on his face. He really just liked these big shells and wanted nothing to do with the little skinny ones (like Asa's counters above). He would pick out all the big ones and leave the others in the basket. I suppose it is more efficient to sort this way. lol
He LOVES to color. This coloring tray was the first he went to.
I just really like how he takes a relaxing approach to his schooling.
He thought it was really fun to make footprints in the the 'ocean bag'. I thought it was funny how he used his hand to pick up his foot and stick it on the bag.
Matching sea creatures in his pocket sorting chart. This was another favorite this week.
He also dot markered (yeah, that's a word) a jellyfish.
I think that his all time favorite of the week was the fishing game. He played this for the entire mommy time portion of his tot school (40min.) two days this week, and then played it at least 10min. the other 3 days. I think with this game he really started to understand the concept of red, blue, and sorting a little better.

Continuing the ocean theme next week and will also post more about our Bible lessons next week. Happy blogging.


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  1. I see some garage sale items making an appearance. I like the black dot activity. I'm going to have to look that one up.

  2. We love the shake up games we have played, its been a while since I have made one though!

  3. I'll have to check out the dot book. Right now my boys aren't to thrilled to do the "pom-pom" thing. So that maybe just the trick. Love the placing of the foot on the bag. So cute.