Sunday, July 17, 2011

Language Arts

This was our first week of Language Arts! I don't know if I will post every week on this, but I wanted to blog about the way that I presented Annabelle's work to her. On a side note....these lessons were a CHORE. She really, really does not like copywork/handwriting practice. I'm hoping that because it was her first week and it was something new she will figure out that it isn't so bad. A lot of it has to do with the fact that she forms her letters backwards. Example: When writing a lower case 'a' she will start at the bottom of the circle and go clockwise to complete the circle. This week we worked on forming letter properly, and she really had a hard time retraining her hand.

Each day she would have a couple worksheets on a tray that she would come in and complete on her own. After the handwriting page she would be done holding the pencil. I gave her a dot marker to complete the second 'Aa' search. The pencil and the dot marker are on the tray before she starts so that this is an independent activity. This is a hard concept for her to get her mind around seeing how I've never had her work completely independent of me before.
Dotting her Aa's.
Another activity that was set up for her this week. Making an 'Aa' collage.

But by far the most fun that she had was using her GeoSafari Phonics Pad. So glad that we got this. It is the perfect reward for her after completing her handwriting work. Bonus: She's learning while she's using it! It doesn't get much better than that. :)
All in all it was a fairly successful week. Included in our LA time is a short lesson on the letter (she pretty much knows her letters and there sounds. There is a 13 week review on them in the curriculum I'm using which I'm ok with because it will just reinforce what she already knows).

The hardest part of it all was fitting it into our daily schedule/rhythm. I'm already trying to figure out when we're going to fit math into the equation. It will all work out in the end. :) Happy blogging!

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  1. Hi! This is my first comment (I've been checking your blog for a few months now)...I read this post and then was looking at something and found this!

    It's a link to a pin on pintrest...very cool idea! My son is 5 at the end of August and is not a fan of writing (or coloring). I am always looking for friction free ways to practice! :)

  2. I'm sure you have heard of Handwriting Without Tears but I just have to put in a plug for an inexpensive and really effective curriculum that teaches kids letters in an order and with language that really makes sense. (Big line, little line, big curve, little curve). My four-year-old son used to hate all things coloring and drawing but with HWT his confidence is just soaring and he is writing very well. And the lessons are short and unintimidating. OK, I'm done now. LOL

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Nellie - I have done this with my littles, but never with Annabelle. I should stick it in once this week and see how she likes it.

    Terri - I have heard of HWT. I will have to look into it more. I know that a lot of people use it and really, really like it. I think a lot of our problem is the formation of the letters. It's mostly my fault. I let her learn them wrong, and now it's just trying to correct something that she learned wrong. :/

  4. Jess, Where did you get those worksheets? The look very nice!

  5. Kim - Thanks for commenting. :)

    The worksheets are actually part of the curriculum that I have. It is called Winter Promise. It is a Charlotte Mason based curriculum similar to Sonlight, but more hands on.

    I have a post on the curriculum at this link (which has a link to their website on it if you're interested):

  6. HWT is all about the proper formation of the letters. It makes it very simple for them to remember. Although breaking bad habits is never very fun. :(

  7. Wanted to recommend this handwriting DVD. It's fabulous, made by and OT, they take "drawing breaks" and make pictures out of the letters in between handwriting practice. My daughter really likes it and it takes the pressure from me off of her b/c I'm not hanging over her shoulder. We just finished our first week of the Cactus Desert. Wanted to share a games I found to play about camoflodge, we played as a family games last night after watching the Desert part of Planet Earth. Are you on facebook? I'd love to connect w/ you on there or email to share more ideas b/c I don't update our blog much anymore.

  8. Andrea I do have a personal facebook account. Not one for the blog, but the blog posts to go up on it. It is under Jessica Hill Hakala. I would love to exchange ideas. The post you shared with the camouflaging is fantastic!

    Thank you also for the DVD suggestion. I will have to look over it. It looks like a great set!

  9. I just requested you as a friend on facebook. We're not overly impressed w/ the paper plate crafts in AW and have been looking for a little more challenging art. We've done some fabulous art projects on this website. She just posted a new one on zebras that I bookmarked for when we get to african savannah. maybe you'll like it, too.