Friday, July 15, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Week 12

Wanted to quickly get this post up. I have company coming in an hour and a completely messy house. Yet here I am....blogging away. I need to get at least one post done. I have at least 3-5 more floating around in my head (although 2 can wait), and we're going to be gone all day tomorrow....yeah for Jessica and Zak time!!! (Thanks mom and dad!)

I was pretty stoked about these camping chairs at $3 each. My little guys were sitting in Dora and Princess chairs....I thought they might appreciate some boy chairs. They do. :)
Picture of odds and ends. A cute winter tray .10 (I plan on using for tot school), 3 packages of foam letter stickers .10 each (I seem to be scoring big time in the foam letter department), also a huge $5 box full of scrapbooking paper. She wanted .05 a sheet and I was in no mood to look through a whole diaper box full of paper so I offered her $5 for it all. Do I scrapbook? Not since Annabelle turned 1. lol I do want to get back into it. I really enjoy it. Until then I will use this paper for kids school stuff.
Some fun finds for me. Old Navy sweater - $1.00, dress pants (ala Goodwill 2.99), Apt. 9 shirt .50, black lacy thing that I haven't figured out what to do with yet .50. :)
I was really excited about finding all these Magnetix. I passed them up last week at a sale for $5.00 (they did include the carrying case). I was thinking about them all week. I found them sans carrying case this week for .50!! So glad I passed them up. BONUS: They came with a guitar pick....see Zak, I do get stuff for you. :)
I bought these for Silas for Christmas. $5.00 They are pretty much brand new.
I found many great books this week. These were all from the same sale. All were .10, except The Napping House was $3.00. Normally I wouldn't pay that much for a book at a garage sale and only did because the rest were only .10 a piece. The lady seemed to be quite sentimental about this particular book. It was on my list as well as The Three Little Kittens. There are just some great books in this little bundle. $4.30
Some more books from a couple different sales. I have been hoping to find Olivia...I did...for .50. The other books were all .25.
Found a few things for Annabelle. Really cute sundress $2.00, swimsuit for next year $1.00, 2 long sleeved nightgowns for this winter $2.00, and a really cute pair of sandals that don't even look like they were worn. $1.00
Jar of really neat shells that we will explore next week. .50
AND lastly, a basket for $1. I have plans for this. I will reveal it later on next week (oh dear....make that 6 posts floating around in my head! lol)

GRAND TOTAL: $38.50 (about)

Well....gotta go, I'm down to 40 minutes. Did I mention I work best under pressure? Now you know. :)

I'm linking up to My Life on a Taffy Pull. Head on over to see other garage sale findings from this week....or to share yours. Happy blogging.



  1. I love all your garage sale posts because now I know I'm not the only one who comes home with armfuls of books to add to the shelves and baskets and tubs we have already....

  2. I love the swimsuit! Love the books and the Magni-whatevers. I have some of those stashed away too!

    Have fun on your day away tomorrow! I love it when I get my husband all to myself!

    Looking forward to reading what's floating around inside your head. I totally know the feeling!

  3. I noticed your I Like Bugs book in one of the pictures. A blog that I visit daily just did a post with printables for that book. You might want to check it out:

  4. Oh its annoying when the one thing I want is priced much higher then the other-for no apparent reason other then I want it! The Napping House is on my list, too, so I think I would have bought it too. Glad you held out for the cheaper Magnetix, and I LOVE the little chairs!! Great finds!