Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tot School: Ocean finale

Done with the ocean theme! We had a lot of fun. So much fun that I haven't even given a second thought to what we're going to be doing next week. Oops! It will be some finishing of the Creation lessons. After that we'll see. I may do an aside of Mouse Paint, Little Blue and Little Yellow, and White Rabbit's Color Book. Anyway, this post isn't for getting out what's jumbling around in my head. It's for wrapping up this week! :)

Asa enjoyed playing in his Aa sensory bin.
We also worked on numbers 1-5 (which he had no problems whatsoever with).
I had a bag of ocean stickers and used them for several different trays this week. The first one was patterning/copying. I pre-made several pattern pieces and he used the blank pieces to copy the pattern on.
Working hard.
After he was done with them he cut up the strips in between the stickers.
I put together a matching game using some of the shells that we had. He didn't enjoy this tray and it only got played with once. Oh well, at least it wasn't difficult to make. :)

We also painted shells.
His are the top four. Silas did the bottom four.
Kind of a dull picture. This is a little snack that I put together. The point was to dip the pretzel into the peanut butter and use it to 'catch' a fish.
For as dull as that picture looks the kids thought that this was the coolest snack ever.
This was a sorting basket of things that you would take to the beach and things that you wouldn't take to the beach. A couple things have gotten stolen out of it before I could take this picture (like the beach towels and the beach ball....hmmm where could they be).
They really got into this game..... of course you wouldn't take a can of soup to the beach...silly mommy.
Silas enjoyed stacking our wooden spools for most of his mommy time one day.
He even pulled out these blue and red beads and worked on stringing them onto the pipe cleaner.
He also really enjoyed the Aa sensory bin.
We worked on the numbers 1-3. We will probably stay with these numbers for a while. He did great at matching. I love listening to him 'count'.
Sweet little face. :)
Working on his #3 book from Hart 2 Hart.
This is a shell washing station that was set up in the room for the first few days of the week. All 3 kids really, really enjoyed this.

Sorting big/little octopus. He did this with no problem. Guess I should see how he does with big, medium, little....
Shell painting.
Using the same stickers (it was a really big package....I still have a ton left), we worked on one to one correspondence. He was a little confused the first couple of strips and tried to match pictures or colors, but it clicked near the end. (I need new trays! lol)

Finally today we finished up before lunchtime by painting a beach towel (grocery bag). For as much as this little guy likes to color, he surprisingly doesn't appreciate painting that much.
Finished towel (the ends are fringed).
That was our week! Time to go get next weeks out of my jumbled brain and onto paper. Happy blogging.


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  1. Great activities. I really loved the shell activities.

    Popping in from Tot School.

  2. WOW - thanks for sharing your great ideas. I've been collecting spools and will have to show my toddler how to put them on pipe cleaners =)
    Amanda at

  3. I love your snack idea and the beach sorting game-- Jonathan loves correcting me when mommy is "silly". What wonderful ideas! :) Oh- and where did you find wooden spools? I've been looking around for some but haven't come up with any!

  4. I really love your patterning with stickers idea! My kids would probably love that because its so different from what we normally do.

  5. Great ideas! I love that all three stay so involved :D

  6. hey so for the 1st time i looked at your blogs and i have to say i am really impressed! your doing such a job!

    Love this blog <3

    -----Lindsey (sister;) )