Saturday, November 5, 2011

Swamps: Ducks

Well, we are in our last week of swamps!! Pretty excited. This week we talked all about ducks and other wading birds that you would find in a swamp habitat (with a little side track for moose).

We learned that Mallards are the most common duck in the world.....
that boy ducks don't really quack, and that ducks were raised for feathers 1000 years ago in China.
There was a fun cooking project on our moose day. I'm so happy that Zak likes to bake/cook (cause I really don't). They made moose mess cookies....mixing....
Rolling in sugar.....
DONE!!! Let me tell you.....these are delicious, soft, and moist....yummmm.....I think I'm going to go grab a couple right now......
Ok, I'm back. :)

We played a review game to help review all the animals that we've learned about so far. Every time Annabelle answered a question right she moved forward one lily pad. (I had these made from last year when Annabelle was in reusing stuff!)
Answering a question about cheetahs..
Having fun with her review. She actually enjoyed this more than I thought that she would.
As you can see she is LOVING every second of math. This is by far her favorite subject....she must take after her daddy, because if I had it my way math would never be part of my life again!

She really had fun with this little game. She would close her eyes and I would take away a shape and she would tell me what shape disappeared by using the three words to describe it....the little, red circle, the big, black rectangle etc. She really wanted to have a turn with taking the shapes I closed my eyes and she thought it was soooo funny to take away a whole row of something. Such a goofy girl. AND I must say that I passed her little test with flying colors. :)
Graphing shapes....
Graphing family hair colors. She also had her first math assessment this week....and she did wonderfully. No, problems whatsoever.
She is starting to really grasp the concept of reading. This week she finally understood what it really meant to sound out a herself. Instead of saying 'f ah n' she is now saying, 'fffffaaaannnn'. It was so awesome to see that confidence build up in her. She is so hard on herself and would rather just give up/not do something rather than get something sounding out words and figuring something out that she isn't so sure about is a HUGE step for her.
I am so proud and I must say that there were tears in my eyes when she read the last page in her little word family book to me this week. "See the man? The man has a fan." Yup, music to my ears. lol The fruits of my labor.... :) Soon I'm going to write up a little post about what we're using for her reading. Some of you may recognize is Ready2Read. It is just such a simple, phenomenal, affordable curriculum and we are really enjoying it.
Next week we will be starting the Woodlands habitat. I think that this will be one of our favorites just because this is the habitat region we live in.....well, at least it will be my favorite for sure! Happy blogging!


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  1. Yay! I'll be interested to hear what you think of the curriculum you're using. I've toyed around with some basic phonics, but am still looking for what may be good fit when we get to reading...

  2. Those cookies look good & soft! I wanted to invite you to come link up at my TGIF Linky Party -
    Beth =-)

  3. Your comment about the Ready2Read program melted my heart:) Seeing and hearing of other little children who are using and enjoying our curriculum is so rewarding! Thank you for your sweet post!